Do you have any question about our policy? If you said yes well we got answers – below is a full list of our policy and other frequently asked questions.


Security Deposit:

A security deposit in the amount of $150.00 dollars (USD) is required to secure the event date. This security deposit is non- refundable. You will only be charged for the hours of the event so your deposit will be not returned in the event your event is cancelled – otherwise announced!


Charges, rates and fees:

DJ Alex Reyes Entertainment™ will never charge extra fees for:

Set up

Break down

MC services


The number of hrs are determined by the client in which DJ Alex Reyes Entertainment will be on site and prepared to play. The client also agrees to the rates as listed on this website. For more information,* Call for details*



We accept all forms of payment such as:



Credit / debit cards

We process all payments with our provider, Square

Remember to enclose amount of money for the hrs of our services & we always work under a written contract to ensure an agreement between the client & DJ Alex Reyes Entertainment.


Information we collect:

When you book DJ Alex Reyes Entertainment online, we collect your personal information such as your:



*Phone number

*Email Address

 * Credit / Debit card

 *we use this information for billing purposes only!

When you pay us for our services, You will be billed as DJ Alex Reyes Ent. We will never sell, trade or rent your information to anyone we are 100% PCI complient with GoDdady Website Security


Copyright Information:

All content such as the official logo, photos, videos & other content on this website is strictly subject to:

©2020- DJ Alex Reyes Entertainment. All Rights Resevred.

All information here within is intended as public information. Any alteration of information on this site website w/o permission will be deemed as illegal!


Questions / Concerns?:

If anyone has any questions / concerns about our privacy policy or other issues on this website, Please feel free to contact the Webmaster